The "Why" of Birthmark Doula

It always amazes me how quickly time flies.  I can think things like "just five years ago..."  not realizing that SO MUCH has changed in that time.  For instance, "just five years ago"  I hadn't heard of Facebook and only thought I knew what a doula was.  Just five years ago my husband and I were dreaming about possibly expanding our family.  Just five years ago I was a process engineer for a major manufacturing company.  The core of who I am and what I love has changed so drastically in "just five years."  My circle of friends and influencers has changed... as has my circle of influence.

Which is the reason for these key thoughts on birth.

As time has marched forward I now find myself answering questions about birth almost as frequently as I ask them.  I've noticed that my research isn't as straightforward as it used to be. I look at specialized topics now where the available knowledge is evidenced based rather than empirical. I now dig to answer questions like:  WHERE the body of research a given topic comes from. I now think about WHY there is (relatively) scant data on a given topic and how to ethically add to the information that is available.

I've come to a first name basis with practitioners.  I've taught a class or two.  I've seen women empowered by what I have shared with them.  And I want to share with as many people as I can as a doula and childbirth educator now. Here I offer a repository and in a way a catalog for the research I've done along with conclusions regarding the information available.  I hope that some of what I share ends up being wrong.  Yes, you read that right.  I hope that some of what I publish here is eventually outdated because someone thought to question HOW or WHY obstetrics and pediatrics are what they are today.  I hope to gain for myself, from a dissenting opinion that drives me to search further for a picture of what the best standard of care for women should be.

Through these key thoughts I hope you come to a determination on how I can help you have your best birth. You may determine that I'm not the best doula for you.  In that case I sincerely hope I help form your idea of what your ideal doula should be.  And if I can help you find her, I will!