"When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I knew I wanted a doula who could provide experience and 1:1 advice to help me through this process. I’m so glad I met Valarie and had her help me through my labor and delivery. She brought a unique perspective because she is a mom of twins and was able to help me navigate through some of the confusion and anxiety of what to expect. Valarie respected my birth plan and brought additional knowledge to help me make decisions or consider things I wasn’t even thinking about. In the end, it was an incredible experience, but having Valarie by my side to help encourage and find that strength and breath that sometimes you forget you have, was empowering. She also has a great sense of humor which is truly helpful! Thank you Valarie for helping bring my babies into this world!"


"I could not have gone through my birth experience without Valarie's help. I knew going into the birth of my daughter that Val would be essential to the natural birth I wanted. I needed someone who would not only advocate for me while I was laboring but also someone who had complete confidence in me to birth my baby girl naturally. And Val did both beautifully. Her words of encouragement and her distraction techniques got me through those rough moments of early labor. Her calm, affirming voice got me through active labor, and her gentle reminders helped me stay focus when the pain of transition became too much. I had a birth that I am proud of because of her wisdom, gentleness and confidence in what my body could do. If I have anymore children, she will most definitely be the first person I ask to be in the hospital room with me."



"Valarie was so helpful. Her knowledge, kindness, and support enabled me to go through the childbirth experience with confidence. She respected my wishes rather than pushing her agenda. She was also very supportive as my birth plan needed to change due to medical circumstances. I would highly recommend Valarie."



"We chose to hire a doula for the birth of our second child and after meeting with several candidates we chose Valarie. We were most drawn to her warm heart and caring, compassionate demeanor.  She provided us with knowledge and support before birth and reassured us that she was there to support whatever decisions we felt best for us.  Valarie came and stayed by our side at the hospital for a long birth.  She was gentle and unimposing, while advocating for us and helping us understand our choices when it was time to make some difficult decisions.  The moment of my son's birth was peaceful and beautiful.  I will forever be grateful to Valarie for her support during or postpartum visit.  I had some complex emotions I was struggling to process and her  kind, non-judgmental words were exactly what I needed to hear to move forward and further bond with my son.  Thank you Valarie!"



"Dan and I both felt that you were the right choice for the birth of our first child. You provided us both with much needed support, encouragement, and comfort.  I'm not sure how we would have fared without you there.  You were a miracle worker on my back- no way could Dan have handled that and I needed him at my head- who knew?? Plus we really appreciated your knowledge and your going to bat for us when we couldn't or didn't (eg different birthing positions). Before labor it was also great to get some extra tips and information. Honestly I'm not sure if I could have had the natural epidural free birth I did if you weren't there. "



"Thank you for being my doula!  It's no secret to us [doulas] that having a doula is worth it! Still, it's amazing when you experience the support first hand.  I'm so thankful that you were there with me.  No matter what happened, I knew I could count on you!  And I will never forget those moments, with you singing to me, as I found the strength to break through... whatever it was.  Then as intensity picked up, you were ready.  Your strong hands helped as I rode the waves.  And you became a witness to what I could do.  Thank you for playing your part.  For being there.  Being the reserve of strength, for believing in me.  Thank you for being my doula.  And my friend."